Live chat: Q and A about Texas’ rise of improper relationships between teachers and students

David Thompson, an education professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, along with UTSA doctoral fellow and former human resources director Catherine Robert joins the American-Statesman at noon Monday for a Facebook Live discussion on the growing problem of improper teacher-student relationships.

Watch the first half of the chat here.

Former Westlake High School teacher Haeli Wey pleaded guilty to two counts of improper relationship with a student. RALPH BARRERA/AMERICAN-STATAESMAN

A Statesman investigation, the first of its kind, found that less than half of Texas teachers who lost their teaching licenses after allegations of having improper relationships with students were ever criminally charged, let alone saw jail time. In those cases where charges never occurred, very little information is readily available to the public, including which school the alleged incident happened or the age of the victim. In some cases, school district officials will go so far as to hide the information from the public and law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and state officials have said.

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Cracking down on the number of improper teacher-student relationships and penalizing school officials who try to hide such wrongdoings have been the priority for lawmakers this legislative session. Cases of improper teacher-student relationships have climbed 80 percent in the last eight years, according to the Texas Education Agency. During his state of the state address last week, Gov. Greg Abbott said, “Teachers who assault children should lose their license and they should go to jail.”


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