This traffic jam photo will make you feel way better about Austin traffic

Ask any Austin resident what the worst thing about the city is, and we’ll bet more than half of them will have the same answer: The traffic straight-up sucks. Interstate 35 was previously ranked the worst road in Texas (although it was surpassed by a Houston roadway), and people feel have really strong feelings about I-35 and MoPac (namely, the MoPac Improvement Project).

UPDATED CAPTION FOR 042916: MoPac Boulevard typically backs up for morning commuters. Mayor Steve Adler noted the road saw reduced travel times when President Barack Obama visited in March because so many workers stayed home. *** The morning commute into Austin has slowed considerably for motorists as a lane reduction on the northbound side of Mopac Blvd (Loop 1) between Cesar Chavez and Enfield Rd. has caused backups for miles. RALPH BARRERA/ AMERICAN-STATESMAN

But this might make you feel a little bit better about Austin traffic: Last week, a Brazilian radio station posted a photo on Facebook of a traffic jam in São Paulo, and let’s just say it’s … pretty brutal.

OK, first of all, this looks like a literal nightmare. It looks like that Rush Hour game that your parents bought you to keep you entertained (in the car, of all places) where you had to get your little red car out of the traffic jam.

Y'know, this game. Photo: Thinkfun
Y’know, this game. Photo: Thinkfun

Second of all, how did this even happen? According to the translated version of the Facebook photo, a light was broken at the intersection after a storm that caused flooding and fallen trees in the area.

So, Austinites, just be thankful you weren’t stuck in this.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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