Arkansas takes queso crown in cheesy D.C. taste-test

This is a miscarriage of justice the likes of which we haven’t seen since it was insinuated that San Antonio has better breakfast tacos than Austin.

Promotional hand out photo of "Creamy Mexican Cheese Dip" aka queso. CREDIT: Kristen Michaelis. Received 06/12/09 for 0617bloggerrecipe.
Promotional hand out photo of “Creamy Mexican Cheese Dip” aka queso. CREDIT: Kristen Michaelis.

According to a blind taste-test from a group of Republican senators Wednesday in Washington, D.C., Arkansas’ cheese dip is better than Texas’ queso.

The whole ordeal started about a month ago, when U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas picked a cheese battle with Texas senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz about which state’s cheesy goodness was better. Cotton also mistakenly called it “Texas cheese dip.”

The fermenting disagreement resulted in a taste test Wednesday, where Texas surprisingly lost.

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We think this finding has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese, but Cotton and his cheese dip apparently beat out Cornyn and Cruz and their hand-picked Uncle Julio’s chile con queso.

Cotton tweeted the results of the taste-test after the lunch.

Cruz staunchly defended the merits of queso in a post-taste-test interview, saying “Good queso relaxes you..look, cheese dip can be served on a Ritz cracker or on one of those tiny Vienna sausages…One is a visceral, emotional powerful family bond…the other is party favors.”

Texans on Twitter voraciously defended Texas queso and admonished Cornyn and Cruz.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to Kerbey Lane to eat away our sorrows.

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