Reddit thread shows why there’s a ‘no talking or texting’ rule at Alamo Drafthouse

By now, the Alamo Drafthouse’s “no talking or texting” policy is practically a commandment for living in Austin. Numerous celebrities (including former Gov. Ann Richards! have participated in pre-screening commercials for the policy, and Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League has gone so far as to state that “turning off your phone and focusing on a good movie is much-needed therapy.”

YouTube screenshot.
YouTube screenshot.

And if you’re seated next to someone who won’t shut up, or you’re constantly distracted by the glare of someone’s phone as they text throughout the film, you can silently complain on a food order card at your table. The worst offenders get kicked out; most get warnings. Management takes this stuff very seriously.

Apparently some people don’t understand that rule, according to some Redditors on r/Austin. A recent discussion thread titled “Alamo Drafthouse no talking policy – who’s tried it?” is chock full of horror stories from moviegoers who were forced to complain about their fellow patrons.

“At a Victory screening for Jack Reacher, these ahole and his idiot girlfriend wouldn’t shut up (easily the loudest people I’ve ever sat next to – and at a Victory screening, mind you),” one user wrote. “We raised a flag and someone came to tell them to be quiet. After getting notified they were too loud, they started passing notes back and forth which was almost as bad. The boyfriend decided it was someone behind them who complained, so every 15mins or so he raised both hands into the air and waived around his middle fingers – flipping off the entire row behind us. Classy.”

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Another user wrote about how another theatergoer didn’t think she was being that loud:

“I used it for a talker, the manager came by asked her to be quiet and then stood at the end of the row watching and had to ask her again. At the end of the movie she (70 year old woman) came after me and asked why – that I shouldn’t go out in public if I can’t handle people talking.”

Other experiences were better.

“I’ve done it before. Constant chatterers next to me. I put up a card, the server read it, nodded, and rushed off like he was going to put a food order in,” another user wrote. “Maybe 5-10 minutes later a server (the same one? not sure) came back and said to the noisy couple, ‘We’ve gotten some noise complaints about you so please keep it down.’ The server was very nice but firm about it. I liked that it didn’t seem to come directly from me, though it made sense that it’d be either me, the people on the other side of them, or directly in front of them. I was also relieved that the server didn’t just read the card and then go directly to the couple to tell them to STFU. It was pretty non-confrontational and the couple bitched a little about how they ‘weren’t talking at all!’ then maybe got more self-conscious and quieted down.”

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To top it all off, the highest-rated comment on the thread came from a user who claims to work at an Alamo Drafthouse:

“If we witness you talking and there’s already been a complaint from someone else, you’re going to be asked to leave. And, honestly, the no talking videos/ads run twice before the movie starts-the second one being directly before the film. There’s really no excuse for talking, from our perspective. It’s not a joke to us and we will get in your face/kick you out if you can’t control your behavior.”


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