Still costume-less? Check out these 5 Texas-themed Halloween getups

It might be a little late to scrape together a costume that doesn’t involve animal ears and a T-shirt, but these Texas-themed getups are good for future planning.

1. Whata-woman:

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Most clever costume: Whata Woman 🙌🏼

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Remember when Whataburger and DC Comics engaged in a “friendly beef” (presumably hamburger) over the similarity between the chain’s logo and the Wonder Woman “W”? Well a couple of trick-or-treaters have settled the dispute with a simple, “Why not both?” fix. Creative, and a lot cuter than this Whata-zombie:

2. Selena:

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#selenaquintanilla 🎤🙏🏼

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Do we even have to clarify which Selena we’re talking about? No, because this is Texas — the same state where our girl was born and rose to fame. While paying sufficient tribute to the Tejano Queen might take a little more work than hot-gluing sequins to a bra, we’d do anything for her.


3. H-E-B and a grackle.

The movie “The Birds” happens for real everyday at your local H-E-B. So why not go as the frightening real-life duo: H-E-B and a grackle. If you’re running short on time, or feathers, you can always put a paper bag over your head and go as H-E-B Buddy. Spooky.

4. Willie Nelson:

Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys — but this one’s different. All you need for this costume is a good pair of braids, a bandana and some of that Willie-attitude.

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5. Blue Bell ice cream:

You are what you love to eat. This Blue Bell ice cream costume takes sweet-tooth to another level — all while addressing the company’s recent safety concerns.

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