Dallas news station weighs in on taco war, says San Antonio beats Austin

The aftermath of war is never easy — especially when troublemakers abound.

Taco Joint is now open at 134 E. Riverside Drive. Matthew Odam/American-Statesman
Taco Joint is now open at 134 E. Riverside Drive. Matthew Odam/American-Statesman

WFAA, a news station in Dallas, decided this week to insert themselves into the often-heated feud between Austin and San Antonio over which is the real Breakfast Taco Capitol of Texas. Though the mayors of both cities called a cease-fire a few months back, it seems like we’re always just on the edge of war.

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WFAA’s reporter David Schechter and viewer Olivia Gonzalez tested multiple Austin and San Antonio breakfast tacos in order to make their decision on which city is better, saying “it’s time to stir up this hornet’s nest once more.”

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Here are the rules for how they conducted their test:

“Each city’s convention and visitor’s bureau nominated three restaurants and provided us with one spokesperson.  We ordered the same three breakfast tacos, everywhere (bean and bacon, potato and egg, barbacoa) with each owner choosing one wildcard taco.  Then, we scored for things like taste, authenticity and the quality of the tortilla.”

Schechter and Gonzalez started in Austin at Juan in a Million and

gave it an 82.5 out of 100 possible points. They gave Vera Cruz Taco Truck an 83.5 and Maria’s Taco Xpress a 78.5. Not too shabby, right?

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Well, when they get to San Antonio’s El Milagrito, they gave the restaurant a 91.5. Taco Haven received a 90 and Taco Taco got an 85.5. They also spoke to San Antonio Express-News’ food writer Edmund Tijerina who had something to say about Austin.

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“San Antonians are pretty laid back and pretty forgiving but when, you know, Austin is trying to take credit for this, then that’s when San Antonio says okay. Hey, wait a minute, enough now,” he said.

Taco journalist Jared Neece said Austin is more like the city that’s bringing breakfast tacos to the world because so many people visit. “Austin’s unique. Austin does unique food. And whether doing that is taking it away from the traditional and making it something else and it’s losing its roots or if you just think it’s the evolution of the breakfast taco, I guess that’s up to you to decide,” he said.

When all was said and done, the final scores were in: Austin got an 81.5 and San Antonio got 89.

But does anything Dallas says about our tacos really matter? Our neighbors to the north should just mind their own business.

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