Will drone-delivered burritos revive the Great Breakfast Taco War?

Taco trucks on every corner? More like tacos from every cloud.

Breakfast tacos from Phil's Icehouse. Photo by Ralph Barrera.
Breakfast tacos from Phil’s Icehouse. Photo by Ralph Barrera.

We’re one day closer to that glorious moment where we can have Chipotle delivered to our front doors at the push of a button.

That’s right, those beautiful tacos, burritos and bowls are coming soon to a doorstep near you, courtesy of a friendly neighborhood drone.

If that sort of thing doesn’t scare you in an Orwellian way, the “Roanoke Times”‘ video of a drone from X’s Project Wing (formerly Google) test-delivering a Chipotle burrito.

A drone was spotted at a testing ground near Virginia Tech Monday, lowering test burritos on the campus.

Granted, the food was only carried about a tenth of a mile, but that’s a big step forward for food delivery.

This has big implications for the way we consume Mexican food and for the way technology is becoming an inescapable presence in our lives.

But what does it mean for the Great Breakfast Taco War of 2016?

When he leaned of the new development in food delivery Tuesday, he jokingly tweeted that it might violate the cease-fire agreement he came to with San Antonio mayor Ivy Taylor back in March:



Will we have peace (and guac) in our times? Hopefully so. May we always be peaceful and never let burrito drones come between us, San Antonio.

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