This Austinite is bringing ‘Austin-style’ tacos to New Yorkers

Photo courtesy of King David Tacos
Photo courtesy of King David Tacos

From the “Texas Monthly” article that declared Austin the Mexican breakfast capital to President Obama’s Torchy’s stop, we already know Austin’s solid reputation when it comes to tacos — no matter what San Antonio tries to say. And now, even New Yorkers are in on the goods thanks to King David Tacos.

According to Grubstreet, born-and-bred Austinite Liz Solomon is the show runner behind King David Tacos — a breakfast taco catering business which set up shop in New York just a few months ago.

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“Welcome to King David Tacos, where you’ll find the only breakfast tacos in New York made by a native Austinite, in the true Austin style, with real Austin ingredients,” the KDT website reads.

The taco joint is named after Solomon’s dad, David, who who offered to help her start a breakfast stand in New York City 10 years ago. But at the time, she was too busy getting her career in advertising started to listen.

As of right now, only two tacos are available on the KDT menu right now. The first one is the BPEC, which is a bacon, potato, egg and cheese taco. Then there’s the Queen Bean, which is a potato, egg and cheese taco with refried beans.

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Each individual taco sells for $4 and the minimum order is 100 — to Austin standards that’s pretty normal for a single taco but as San Antonio Express-News points out, you can get four tacos for the same price at some places. Considering New York can be a tough place for new businesses, Solomon said KDT is using the catering structure to rack up enough capital before expanding.

“The thing people are missing is that unlike many restaurant operations in New York, we are doing this on our own,” she said. “We are trying to break into an industry and scale in an achievable way, without having to take on the risk of a restaurant.”

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And apparently, KDT has been receiving some flack from the people over in San Antonio. We all know about the Austin-San Antonio taco feud, but the criticism led Solomon to even put out a statement saying “If any of you would like to come up to New York and start a San Antonio-style-anything joint, we Texans living in the Tex-Mex diaspora would be ever so grateful.”

It should be noted, Solomon isn’t the first Texas-native to bring breakfast tacos to New York. There’s Aaron Sanchez from El Paso who owns a small taco chain Tacombi, Dallas’ Clay Mallow, who owns a Guero’s in Brooklyn, and former Austin rock club owner Paul Oveisi who used to run a restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York called Ziramin. 

For now, Solomon plans to keep representing Austin and hopes to expand to selling individual tacos from pop-up stands. “I sincerely hope my hometown is being nicer to me than San Antonio,” she said.






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