Do you drive and Pokémon Go? TxDOT wants you to stop

In the short time the game has been released to the public, Pokémon Go has started a frenzy with gamers. Stories of kids finally going outside, businesses being turned into PokéStops and generational gaps being bridged as a result of the game popped up routinely since its wide launch last week. And if that’s not enough, the mobile boon is a hit for Nintendo as well-— the free app’s popularity caused Nintendo’s stock to rise $7.5 BILLION when the markets opened this week.

But there are real-world problems for would-be augmented reality Pokémon trainers. Armed robbery. Dead bodies. Private property issues. People playing the game at the Holocaust Museum and finding the gas-related Koffing.

And now, the Texas Department of Transportation has created a campaign to stop one of the biggest safety hazards of Pokémon Go: playing the game while driving.

On Monday, TxDOT sent this tweet:

That’s when safety-conscious Pokémon trainers sent in their own suggestions for a “Don’t Pokémon Go and Drive” campaign.

























All the comments and memes spurred TxDOT to actually create a campaign. Users jumped at the opportunity to contribute.










Someone even made a video for the campaign.

To submit your own slogan or design, go to TxDOT’s Facebook page. And remember— If you want to catch ’em all, make sure you’re not driving at all.


Author: Staff Writer

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