The internet ripped on this UT sorority recruitment video that went viral

A viral video of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority at the University of Texas has recently been referred to as “the gates of hell,” “terrifying,” “haunting” and more.

Photo via YouTube

Why? After sorority recruitment kicked off last week at UT, Alpha Delta Pi released a recruitment video on the University Co-op Twitter account. But the video quickly went viral, receiving major flak from people all over the internet.

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The video shows three sorority members welcoming potential recruits to the house then opening the doors to reveal at least 50 more girls chanting their house-specific cheer. Not to mention everyone in the video is wearing the same white shorts, sea-foam green shirts and are all moving up and down in unison.

Anyone who’s lived near the sororities at UT is familiar with the cheers and this one is pretty standard among all the houses. But much of the reactions from people on social media ranged from mocking the members’ “cultish” cheers to criticizing the group for its lack of diversity.

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The video’s attention seems to have taken off from this tweet that was posted more than 40,000 times, though the link no longer works.

Buzzfeed News reached out to UT and received a statement from Sara Kennedy, manager of communications. She said diversity was a major focus for the school.

“All our staff are directly and actively engaged in promoting and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, working with our students through development and leadership programming, advising, and organizational support” she said.

Houston Chronicle reports that the post on the University Co-op account and the sorority’s has been taken down. Too bad it’s too late. For a pretty common sorority tradition, this video sure made a stink around the web. Here’s just a little of what people had to say:

UT students ready for #MooovIn Day

If you’ve noticed any more traffic near the University of Texas campus Friday, it’s because it’s time for #MooovIn Day. According to the university’s official Instagram account, UT will welcome 7,400 new Longhorns to campus this week for the class of 2020.

Nobody’s happier for this day than the resident assistants and hall directors of UT (on social media, anyway…). Here are some of the highlights of #MooovIn Day we could find on Twitter and Instagram.

RAs were ready to help incoming freshmen…

CBS Austin reporter and UT alumna Melanie Torre got nostalgic…

And Red Mango was just happy to have more business in town…

One Twitter user threw it back to 1994, four years before many of these freshmen were even alive…

While the staff at the Jester East residence hall were jumping for joy for new residents…

And the Quad Squad was ready to roll.

Did you have a great #MooovIn Day experience? Let us know in the comments!

Report: Austin’s ‘Hi, How Are You’ mural vandalized

… again?

A beloved  Austin landmark has fallen victim to vandals, as KXAN reports that the “Hi, How Are You” mural at 21st and Guadalupe streets has been defaced with a red, spray-painted cross. According to the TV station, police don’t yet have any leads.

(Rodolfo Gonzalez/2010 American-Statesman file photo)
(Rodolfo Gonzalez/2010 American-Statesman file photo)

The alien frog mural, also known as “Jeremiah the Innocent,” was painted by singer songwriter Daniel Johnston in 1993. It’s a popular photo opportunity, and Jeremiah even appeared on a T-shirt that Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain once wore. On Christmas Eve 2013, a woman spray-painted the mural with five F-words.

Austin church has great response to ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign thieves

University United Methodist Church ....12/2/98 photo by Rebecca McEntee/AAS
University United Methodist Church  (File photo by Rebecca McEntee/American-Statesman)

A local church near the University of Texas campus is fighting back against crime with a little humor.

The University United Methodist Church’s Facebook page posted a photo on Monday addressing a recent theft from its property. According to the photo’s description, the church placed seven “Black Lives Matter” lawn signs in its front yard following the high-profile shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minn. Within two days, all seven had been stolen.

Despite the theft, the church placed five more “Black Lives Matter” signs in its yard and included two “freebies” if would-be thieves needed a yard sign.

The free sign reads “Wanna steal a sign off our church’s front yard? THIS IS A FREE ONE YOU CAN HAVE! Compliments of University UMC.”

This isn’t the first time the church has made its progressive stances known. In 2013, the youth director was temporarily removed from ordination track because she is a lesbian. Senior Pastor Rev. John Elford has called for others to engage with the Muslim community, and the church was one of several in the university area to hang banners discouraging anti-Muslim bigotry. The church’s Facebook page also currently features a cover photo promoting a sermon series titled “Jesus is a feminist.”

UT student successfully sneaks into Game 7 of NBA Finals using fake press pass

Photo via Michael Poag/Facebook

Nothing was going to keep University of Texas junior and Golden State Warriors fan Michael Poag from Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Not even having absolutely no right to be there.

After buying a ticket Friday night with nothing but an idea and a dream, Poag, as he told told Leslie Horn of Vocativ, is “pretty good with Photoshop” decided he would “make a press pass and see if it would work.”

He spent so much time perfecting his fake press pass, which features a headshot of Poag in a suit and a useless barcode, that he nearly missed his flight Saturday morning. Once in the Bay Area, where Poag stayed with an aunt and uncle who, according to the Dallas Morning News, doubted whether the scheme would work out, Poag arrived to the game five hours early dressed “kind of what I thought a reporter looked like.”

After scouting out entrances, Poag confidently presented his pass to a security guard, who nodded, and entered the facility. Poag did not turn around when the security guard said, “Hey,” to him as he walked inside.

Poag then camped out in the bathroom for a couple of hours, changed into his blue and gold jersey and managed to find an empty seat in the nosebleed section of the arena, where he happily watched his team lose.


Any regrets? Any lingering guilt? As he told Horn, Poag really, really wishes he had included the words “all access” on his fake press pass.

Watch: UT lecturer turns Justin Bieber song into Microsoft Excel anthem


He’s doesn’t have dreads, drop-crotch pants or a face tattoo, but Clint Tuttle, a lecturer at UT’s McCombs School of Business, does share a couple of things in common with Justin Bieber. Namely, they both play guitar, and they’re both really passionate about something. Singing, presumably, for J.B (or drop crotch pants?). And what really gets Tuttle going? Microsoft Excel.

As a treat for his students on their last day of class, Tuttle performed a rendition of Bieber’s “Love Yourself” with some slightly altered lyrics.

“And if you think I lie, just ask your boss/ They’ll tell ya ‘you should go and learn Excel’,” Tuttle belts in front of a slide projecting the song’s lyrics, which also include lines like, “My students don’t like it but then they see the light/ And they never like to admit that I was right.” You can watch Tuttle’s full performance below.

Eagerly awaiting a Selena Gomez inspired response about Microsoft Word…


Correction: An earlier version of this post referred to the lecturer by the wrong first name.

Follow Live: Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at LBJ Library’s Vietnam War Summit

Secretary of State John Kerry, right, arrives with LBJ Presidential Library Director Mark Updegrove, left, and Ben Barnes the Vietnam War Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library Wednesday April 27, 2016.   JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN
Secretary of State John Kerry, right, arrives with LBJ Presidential Library Director Mark Updegrove, left, and Ben Barnes the Vietnam War Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library Wednesday April 27, 2016. JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Secretary of State John Kerry, who returned from naval service in Vietnam to become an outspoken critic of the war, will speak Wednesday night at the Vietnam War Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin. Watch a livestream of the event below.

Follow along as the American-Statesman’s Ralph K.M. Haurwitz covers Kerry’s talk live.

UT’s journalism school is one of the best in the country, according to this list

It’s a good time to be a Longhorn journalism student.

A recent list made by the college ranking site College Factual placed the journalism school at UT’s Moody College of Communication second in the nation, behind Emerson College and one spot ahead of Northwestern University.

Selina Bonilla, from San Antonio, center, takes family photos even though her ceremony was canceled. Bonilla graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism degree. The University of Texas canceled their commencement ceremony on the Main Mall for Saturday May 23, 2015 due to inclement weather with thunderstorms and lightning in the area all evening. That did not stop graduates from stopping by the Littlefield Fountain to take keepsake photos of family and friends with the UT Tower in the background. RALPH BARRERA/ AMERICAN-STATESMAN
Selina Bonilla, from San Antonio, center, takes family photos on her graduation day last year. Bonilla graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism degree in May 2015.

The list was made by ranking graduate earnings, major focus, related major concentration, accreditation and overall college quality. UT is the only Texas school on the list.

USA Today College worked in conjunction with College Factual to create and distribute the list.

Among the things UT had going for it: the amount of supporting concentrations, like digital communication and communication and media studies; and its high earning potential for graduates. The school ranked in College Factual’s Top 15 percent for highest-paid journalism students. The school has also graduated 18 Pulitzer Prize winners.

Plus, the school offers journalism students a variety of platforms to share their work, like The Daily Texan, Reporting Texas, KUT News 90.5, Dispatch 40 and Texas Travesty. It’s even mounting a campaign to send student journalists to cover the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil this summer.

Some of the other schools on College Factual’s list included the University of Southern California, Boston University and New York University.


Follow Live: Henry Kissinger speaks at LBJ Library’s Vietnam War Summit

Brig. Gen. Carlton Lee (right) welcomes President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger to Andrews Air Force Base after their historic 1972 mission to China. Credit: The Capital Flyer (Andrews AFB paper)
Brig. Gen. Carlton Lee (right) welcomes President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger to Andrews Air Force Base after their historic 1972 mission to China. Credit: The Capital Flyer (Andrews AFB paper)

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who also served as a national security adviser to President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford, speaks on Tuesday night at the Vietnam War Summit being hosted by the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin. Watch a livestream below.

Follow along with the American-Statesman’s Ralph K.M. Haurwitz as he covers the event live.

Reports: ‘Junior the Wendy’s Guy,’ a Texas Union fixture, died Monday

The man owning what were once the fastest fingers in the Texas Union died Monday, according to the Austin Chronicle.

 Junior rings up another customer at Wendy's in the UT Student Union in 2003. (Photo by Laura Skelding/American-Statesman)
Junior rings up another customer at Wendy’s in the UT Student Union in 2003. (Photo by Laura Skelding/American-Statesman)

The Chronicle reports that Ishmael Mohammed Jr., aka “Junior the Wendy’s Guy,” was found unconscious at an Austin bus stop Friday. An examination later showed severe bleeding in his brain, and despite surgery, he died early this week, according to the paper.

Mohammed was the toast of the University of Texas at Austin’s student union for more than a decade, nimbly taking orders for burgers and fries at unbelievable speed. He was “the Rachmaninoff of the register, holding the record for taking the most orders and sales within a 30-minute span, 246 orders for $1,035 — or one order every 7.3 seconds,” according to a 2014 American-Statesman story. Mohammed was the subject of short documentary in 2006.

In 2014, Benjamin McPhaul, a 2011 UT graduate, was approached by Mohammed and found out that the former Wendy’s employee had become homeless after leaving Austin for New York City in 2012 and later returning. McPhaul set up an online fundraising page for Mohammed, smashing the original goal and spreading the word about “Junior” across social media.

Mohammed’s daughter, Kimberly Guerin, told the Daily Texan that the family took her 61-year-old father off life support Sunday morning. From the Texan:

“I know he had been mugged before and that he has had stitches before,” Guerin said. “There have been altercations with people on the street, so they think it was probably a fall, but no one really knows because no one was there.”

Guerin initially set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her father’s funeral, but updates to the campaign indicate that the expenses have since been covered. She wrote on the fundraising page that “We are now going to use the donations to come up with a celebration of his life.”