Take a look inside this West Lake Hills mansion with a ‘waterfall’ pool

Courtesy of austin.curbed.com

We all have dreams. Less traffic in Austin. A new iPhone. All of those are attainable, but here’s something that you’ll have to cough up a pretty penny to afford: An oh-so-gorgeous house in West Lake Hills. Look at that view you can stare at from those nice black chairs. Gorgeous. It also costs $6.8 million.

But the place sure is fancy. Take a look at those “artisan” walls. Don’t the fish look gorgeous as they try to swim above you while you sleep? What if they fall out of the wall and hit you with their slimy scales? But, you can see downtown from the window.

Courtesy of austin.curbed.com

And look at the beautiful negative-edge pool against the clear night sky.

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Courtesy of austin.curbed.com

But hey, if you’re independently wealthy or have a trust fund, you can buy the place. It has 4,736 square feet of interior space opening up onto another 1,310 square feet of outdoor space. It apparently sits on one of the highest hills in the area with great views of the Hill Country and the city skyline. And with manicured lawns and mature oak trees, you’ll have the privacy to live happily ever after overlooking Austin.

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