Texas Monthly editor: ‘Texans don’t care about politics’ quote taken out of context

Comments made by Texas Monthly’s new editor-in-chief Tim Taliaferro in a Columbia Journalism Review article published Monday have had social media in a tizzy.

Tim Taliaferro via handout

The Review reported that Texas Monthly is shifting its focus from “in-depth political coverage and longform journalism” to “lifestyle coverage, website enhancements, and a live-events business.” The article quoted Taliaferro as saying that “Texans don’t care about politics.”

Texas Twitter did not appreciate being spoken for, and many tweeted out their displeasure with both the comment and the magazine’s seemingly new direction.

Taliaferro fired out a few tweets of his own Monday. The former editor of the University of Texas alumni magazine, The Alcalde, wrote that the comment was taken out of context. Taliaferro further clarified his intention for the publication’s future in a note to readers published on Texas Monthly’s website Tuesday — not before poking a little fun at the situation first.

The Columbia Journalism Review also tweeted out more context for the quote, in which Taliaferro says that he personally is “less interested in politics”:

In his note, Taliaferro said he “unfortunately gave the CJR the wrong impression” and knows “Texans care about politics, and deeply, especially in these times.” The note says there is “no intention of softening the magazine’s attention on the people who affect the lives of Texans,” but they “also want to know about barbecue. And energy. And music. And football.”

You can read the Columbia Journalism Review’s story here and Taliaferro’s full note here.

Editor’s note: The author of this post previously worked under Tim Taliaferro when he was an editor at The Alcalde.

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