Austin dishes make two publications’ ‘Best-of’ lists for 2016

Austin is a food-lover’s paradise, full of culinary creations for even the pickiest of eaters. It’s no secret we’re a fan of the Austin restaurant scene. And, as every publication starts publishing its year-end “Best-Of” lists, it seems some other publications are fans, too.

The secrets to Aaron Franklin's brisket aren't a secret anymore, thanks to his new book, "Franklin Barbecue, " which features photography from Wyatt McSpadden.
The secrets to Aaron Franklin’s brisket aren’t a secret anymore, thanks to his new book, “Franklin Barbecue, ” which features photography from Wyatt McSpadden.

The Ringer’s Danny Chau ranked Franklin Barbecue as his best meal of 2016, calling the Austin establishment’s smoked brisket “damn near perfect on every level.”

Watch: What does a day of work at Franklin Barbecue look like?

“The brisket at Franklin’s makes me want to throw my hands up and declare it all an act of occultism,” Chau effused.

Another Austin spot earned Chau’s approval: The  No. 2 spot on his list belongs to the now-closed Qui, where Chau had the confit maitake mushroom. The meal reminded Chau of shared dining experiences with his father as a child.

“I’d never eaten anything that so succinctly, so vividly, like a photograph, captured a moment in time,” he wrote.

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In another publication, Kate Krader at Bloomberg ranked the cacio e pepe at Emmer & Rye second on her list, calling the dish “an improvement” upon the most classic of pastas.

“Not only does [chef Kevin Fink] make his supple pasta with freshly milled grains so it tastes as if it comes directly from a wheat field,” Krader raved. “Even better, Fink adds a little fermented tomato water to its buttery coating, injecting a refreshing tartness and a hit of sweetness.

It’s the most brilliant of reinventions.”

Now, if we could just get the rest of the country to rave about our queso

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