Austin ranks among GoFundMe’s ‘Most generous cities’ for 2016

Southern hospitality extends to online giving, it seems.

In a new end-of-year report released by the popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe, Texas ranked second in the “Most Generous States” and “Top Fundraising States” categories. Austin, Houston and San Antonio also placed high in the corresponding city categories.

The GoFundMe homepage.
The GoFundMe homepage.

“We’ve now reached a point in popular culture where ‘GoFundMe’ has become shorthand for help,” GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon wrote in the report. “2016 saw record amounts of help given and received, and we’re proud of our progress and grateful to our community. But it’s only a start.”

Part of that record amount of help came from Texas, which placed second in both the “Most Generous States” (states with the highest volume of donations) and “Top Fundraising States” (states with the most fundraising campaigns started) categories. Houston and Austin placed 3rd and 5th, respectively, in the “Most Generous U.S. Cities” category. Houston and San Antonio placed 1st and 4th in the “Top Fundraising U.S. Cities” category.

According to the report, $3 billion has been given on GoFundMe since 2010. The biggest campaigns from 2016 found people donating to relief and aid for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla. ($9 million raised in total); supporting the protesters at Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota; and charitably giving to former British MP Jo Cox’s favorite charities.


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