Photos of Texas man holding ‘You belong’ sign outside mosque go viral

“This happened because I needed to do something, and I had nothing else that I could do,” Justin Normand of Dallas told the Dallas Morning News when they asked him about a sign he was recently photographed holding outside of a mosque in Irving.

The sign reads, “You belong. Stay strong. Be blessed. We are one America.”

Normand, who runs a sign shop in Dallas, said he was inspired to make the sign to “share peace” following this year’s election. In a Facebook post Normand wrote that the act was about, “washing my brother’s feet. This was about my religion, not theirs.”

Normand also admitted to the Dallas Morning News that he doesn’t normally wear a cowboy hat, but felt it helped better identify him as a part of Texas the local Islamic community needed to hear from. Normand is a Presbyterian.

Author: Staff Writer

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