In case you didn’t already know, Taco Cabana sauce is available at H-E-B

This news may not come as a shock to the Taco Cabana fanatics out there, but it pleasantly surprised us.

Brace yourselves, because it will change your life.

Taco Cabana's hot sauce. Photo from Twitter

Taco Cabana’s hot sauce. Photo from Twitter.

You can buy Taco Cabana’s Mexican Hot Sauce at H-E-B.

No longer confined to salsa bars at Taco Cabana locations, now you, too, can enjoy Taco Cabana sauce at home.

Apparently this has been a thing since June, according to social media. And it looks like a match made in Texan heaven. A Texas supermarket exclusively selling a Texas taco restaurant’s hot sauce? This reminds us H-E-B’s exclusive deal with Whataburger spicy ketchup.

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The news caught some of Taco Cabana’s customers by surprise, as well.


Taco Cabana says the hot sauce is currently being sold at H-E-Bs all across Texas. Spots in Austin include:

  • Research Boulevard
  • South Congress
  • West Slaughter
  • East Riverside
  • 51st St.

Now, excuse us. We’ve got some taco sauce to find.

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