Watch: Biplane crashes into Lake Travis, flips on impact

A red biplane crashed into Lake Travis waters near Windy Point-Bob Wentz Park on Saturday afternoon. Three passengers were on board, but all of them got away safely.

One bystander caught the moment of impact on film and shared the video with other bystanders like Instagram user @jmotexas, who posted the video to the social network this afternoon.

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PLANE CRASH on Lake Travis!! @michaelm2828, @carys1107 and I were out sailing… @maretmoran, @mia.stanton, @seanmorantx and Brock were all on the dock and playing on the lily pad when the plane flew over. We heard the prop die and suddenly they hit the water, flipped and began sinking. It was SO surreal… Everyone began boating, jet-skiing, sailing, kayaking towards them. Sean even jumped off the dock and began swimming towards them! But all three men got out before the plane sank… It was a man taking his Dad on a birthday plane ride excursion over Lake Travis. The Dad told me he's been fighting cancer and the son told me he and his wife just had a new baby 3 weeks ago… Put life into perspective for both of them. They kept thanking us although we did nothing other than let them use my phone and sent them this video that Brock got from a lady standing by the dock that he met after the crash. We are all stunned. Hug your loved ones today and tell them how much they mean to you. #planecrash #laketravis #bobwentzpark #blessed #thankful #July4thweekend

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If you are the owner of this video, please contact the Austin American-Statesman.

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