McDonald’s new Texas burger doesn’t come on a bun

AP Photo/Mike Groll

McDonald’s could only take the Whataburger hype for so long.

In what seems to be the chain’s response to the orange-and-white-stripe’s special sandwiches, several of which come on thick slices of Texas toast, McDonald’s has officially announced its new “Lone Star Stack” burger. And it comes on Texas toast.

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The burger’s stack (two patties, both white cheddar and American cheese, pickles, barbecue sauce and bacon) was picked from more than 25,000 possible combinations submitted and voted on by Texans, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

According to the Express-News, more than 2,000 submissions included “Texas” in the proposed burger name and nearly 500 had bacon as one of the major ingredients. The restaurant has also been using “Come and get it,” a play on the Texas Revolution slogan “Come and take it,” to promote the new sandwich, the Star-Telegram reports.

The Lone Star Stack is now available at McDonald’s across the state until September. Are you going to give it a try, or does Whataburger meet your Texas-toast-burger needs?

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