UT student successfully sneaks into Game 7 of NBA Finals using fake press pass

Photo via Michael Poag/Facebook

Nothing was going to keep University of Texas junior and Golden State Warriors fan Michael Poag from Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Not even having absolutely no right to be there.

After buying a ticket Friday night with nothing but an idea and a dream, Poag, as he told told Leslie Horn of Vocativ, is “pretty good with Photoshop” decided he would “make a press pass and see if it would work.”

He spent so much time perfecting his fake press pass, which features a headshot of Poag in a suit and a useless barcode, that he nearly missed his flight Saturday morning. Once in the Bay Area, where Poag stayed with an aunt and uncle who, according to the Dallas Morning News, doubted whether the scheme would work out, Poag arrived to the game five hours early dressed “kind of what I thought a reporter looked like.”

After scouting out entrances, Poag confidently presented his pass to a security guard, who nodded, and entered the facility. Poag did not turn around when the security guard said, “Hey,” to him as he walked inside.

Poag then camped out in the bathroom for a couple of hours, changed into his blue and gold jersey and managed to find an empty seat in the nosebleed section of the arena, where he happily watched his team lose.


Any regrets? Any lingering guilt? As he told Horn, Poag really, really wishes he had included the words “all access” on his fake press pass.

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