Texas mom comes out of surgery with a British accent

Many people wouldn’t mind speaking with the Queen’s English, but one Texas woman is trying hard to get back to her regular Texan accent.

Lisa Alamia lives in Rosenberg and is a native Texan, but speaks with a British accent. The accent started after Alamia had jaw surgery six months ago to correct an overbite. After the surgery, doctors diagnosed her with foreign accent syndrome, which has affected less than 100 people worldwide in the last 100 years, KHOU reports.

Screenshot of video taken by KHOU11.

‘Mum’ is probably the one word I notice right away,” Alamia told KHOU. “’Kitten’ (is another). They think I’m talking about a baby cat. I’m not. I’m saying, ‘I’m just kidding.’”

Alamia was understandably shocked at the transformation at first, saying her children were intimidated by her new accent, but now they tease her about it.

“My daughter laughs at the way I say ‘tamales.’ I used to be able to say it like a real Hispanic girl. Now, I cannot.”

She was also worried about skeptics and people thinking she was faking the accent for attention, but her neurologist confirmed the diagnosis by making her repeat several tongue twisters while hooked up to an MRI scanner.

“I didn’t know the reaction I was going to get from people,” Alamia said. “So I didn’t know if they’re going to judge me. Are they going to think I’m lying or even understand how I’m speaking?”

Watch an interview with Alamia here.

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