Ranking: For students seeking a sugar daddy, UT is No. 3 among colleges

College students, do student loans have you feeling down? Got a full course load but no time to get a job that requires a W-4? Predisposed toward an intergenerational relationship dynamic? Heartbroken when Netflix stopped streaming “Harold and Maude”?

OK, we’ll get to the point. According to a new list, Central Texas is one of the hottest places to matriculate, providing you have a laissez-faire definition of “work your way through college.”

(Ralph Barrera/American-Statesman)
(Ralph Barrera/American-Statesman)

The self-professed “world’s largest sugar daddy dating site,” Seeking Arrangement, touts the type of “sugar daddy”/”sugar baby” relationship it facilitates as “an alternative method of financial aid.” According to a news release, 1.9 million college students use the site.

While New York University tops the site’s list of “Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools” with 225 new sign-ups in 2015, the Austin area put up a strong, slightly unsettling showing. The University of Texas at Austin ranks third, with 163 new Mays seeking a December benefactor. Texas State University, meanwhile, came in at No. 6, with 138 students looking for a Donald to their Melania.

In 2014, Texas State cracked the top ten of Seeking Arrangement’s list of schools with the most members.

And now you know.

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